Kings and Queens








Georgy Girl





Bella (Retired in 2020)

Dagney (2013-2019)

Murphy (Retired in 2014)

Murphy is the original Maples Ragdoll!  He is a sealpoint male, born November 11, 2009. He was born and bred at Dream’s Ragdolls in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We adopted him as an 8-month old kitten in July of 2010.  After siring several litters, we retired Murphy in 2014 and he is now the king of our castle.

Millie (Retired in 2014)

Millie is a high mitted bicolor female who was born September 15, 2010. Her father is Dollcredable Bad Boy Sawyer, and her mother is Queen Anne’s Lace of Bakerspaw Cattery. Millie came to us as a loveable 10-week old kitten in December of 2010.  She was retired in 2014 and now loves playing “aunt” to all of the newborn kittens.

Maya (Retired in 2014)

Maya, officially named Wheatcrest Wispurr of Maples, hails from Edmonton, Canada. Wheatcrest is a well respected cattery that has been around for more than twenty years. They got their start with cats from Purple Heather cattery, which is well known for being one of the earliest breeders of Ragdolls. We thank Gill Majeau for sending Maya our way and hope she enjoys her retirement from the breeding business. One of Maya’s ancestors, Wheatcrest Blue Blazer, was an International Grand Champion and was shown in Europe and Sweden.